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Developping for iOS

Developping for iOS

I ’d just listened to the latest issue of _david smith’s podcast and foundthis blogpost from Marco Arment. Every ( would be) iOS dev should listen to and read this.

Triqtraq for iOS

triqtraq for iOS, an electro jam sequencer app

Love my Groovemaker and Figure, but this looks nice too.

With a library of more than 350 samples, triqtraq lets you create musical patterns on the fly, either by simply improvising and seeing what works or being a bit more specific and using the step editor.

Great work by Frederici Viticci on chaining apps in IOS.


This workflow is meant for users of Safari for iPad, Drafts, and Due. It will excute the following actions:

Take selected text from Safari for iPad;
Pass it to Drafts alongside the URL it was taken from;
Drafts will upload the text to Dropbox, and send the URL to Due as a reminder;
Once added as a reminder, Due will let you go back to Safari.