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handyLock alpha 5 is available


I just posted alpha 5 of handyLock. The application is getting much better. Still lot of work but it is working pretty good for me.

You can grab a copy from the application main page:

Download handyLock alpha


Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 4.15.08 PM


Here is a list of the fixes since alpha 1 was posted:


– Much better implementation of screen sleep. Screen saver still not implemented. Will work on this next. Should be easier now that screen sleep is implemented. Was not easy to figure out.


– Partial fix for sleeping monitor not working when handyLock is locking the screen. Need more work but partially resolved.

– Fix for logic as to when the screen will be unlocked. It was unlocking too fast before. Now it will only unlock when you are in the “near” range and will only lock when you are in the “far” range. Still need heavy signal tuning algorithms but the basic stuff is getting better.


– Fix for flawed logic in when to lock/unlock screen.


– Fix for ON/OFF switch not having effect.


via Netputing http://netputing.com/2013/01/13/handylock-alpha-5-is-available/

What type of social networks do innovative employees have?


What Ruef discovered was a ringing endorsement of the coffeehouse model of social networking: the most creative individuals in Ruef’s survey consistently had broad social networks that extended outside their organization and involved people from diverse fields of expertise. Diverse, horizontal social networks, in Ruef’s analysis, were three times more innovative than uniform, vertical networks.


A similar study, conducted by a University of Chicago business school professor named Ronald Burt, looked at the origin of good ideas inside the organizational network of the Raytheon Corporation. Burt found that innovative thinking was much more likely to emerge from individuals who bridged “structural holes” between tightly knit clusters. Employees who primarily shared information with people in their own division had a harder time coming up with useful suggestions for Raytheon’s business, when measured against employees who maintained active links to a more diverse group.

– Via Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation

via Farnam Street http://www.farnamstreetblog.com/2012/11/what-type-of-social-networks-do-innovative-employees-have/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+68131+%28Farnam+Street%29

Get ready for AnyPrint


We have decided to rename the AirPrint Activator application to avoid using the Apple trademark ‘AirPrint™’.  With the 3.1.1 release, we will simply renamed the application AnyPrint™.

What will happen to “AirPrint Activator”? Do I need a new license?

Don’t worry, AnyPrint™ is the same application with a new name and a new icon. Your current license of “AirPrint Activator” will work just as well in AnyPrint™.

How do I update? Do I need to uninstall the previous “AirPrint Activator”?

You will simply download AnyPrintInstaller and click “Update”. It will take care of cleaning up all the previous files. You won’t even need to enter your license again.

When will it be available?

Within the next few days. We are completing the application testing and getting the site ready.

via Netputing http://netputing.com/2012/09/23/get-ready-for-anyprint/