Software I use – Updated

On this page I list the software I use mostly on a daily basis.

Five years ago I published the software I used on a daily basis. Now I’ve updated the list with my current software setup.


Note taking / to do

I use pen and paper, mostly. Otherwise I use the Notes app on IOS.

I also occasionally use Microsoft OneNote.

Omnifocus – For Getting things done

Don’t use it anymore – to complicated.

Evernote – My (long-term) memory

Evernote is also mostly replaced by the Notes app and the Reminders app on IOS.

Day One – Daily notes – Don’t use this anymore.

Word processing

Office: MAC – Mostly for my daily work. Nothing beats Excel. But I do not use I use  Outlook everyday.

Byword – For plain text documents

Email – Front end for all my email – Replaced by Outlook for my business email.

Gmail – I mainly use but sometimes I find Gmail more convenient.

I use Spark or Airmail for my personal email


Fantastical – Great for making quick meetings – For an overview of the week or month. Or Outlook.

Web browsing

Safari – For browsing the internet

Chrome – I use Chrome voor occasional development.

FireFox – But it has some performance issues.


iTunes – For listening to music


AppleScript – For productivity enhancements

Hazel – Keeps me paperless

CrashPlan -Backup in the cloud

JottaCloud – Backup in the cloud

TextExpender – Type more with less

Cobook – Integrate all your contacts – It’s all in Outlook now.

BetterTouchTool – You can do some much with the touchpad. I prefer a mouse.

Moom – Get your windows into the right shape

HandyPrint – Print from IOS devices

F.lux – it matches your screen to the amount of daylight – This feature is now part of MacOS.

Amphetamine – To keep my Mac awake.

Alfred – better search then Spotlight.

Bartender – To organise the menu bar.