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Recursive actions in Drafts

Recursive actions in Drafts

A better solution For Fantastical and Drafts 3.5.

Online And Offline

Startups connect online with offline worlds.

Project Coder And Rasperry Pi

Googlers building webserver with Raspberry Pi. Project Coder.


Mac + Nginx + Percona + PHP

Mac + Nginx + Percona + PHP

An alternative to MAMP.

A new way to connect apps?

Apple Developing Audio Hyperlinks, A Way For Audio Streams To Link To Other Media Or Control Devices http://pocket.co/sPmZ7

Understanding Google

Understanding Google

Ben Thompson about the strategy of Google and the importance of Chrome (and not Android).

Hazel 3.1 is out!

This great and very useful app has some great new features. Here are some of the new features:

  • New action to upload files to remote servers using FTP, SFTP or WebDAV.
  • The ability to match and extract dates and text from the contents of files. Once extracted, these custom tokens can be used in your rename and sorting actions.
  • Notes that can be added to your rules.
  • New options for moving and copying files.
  • Improved performance.

and more!

Check it out at Noodlesoft

New Drafts version by Nathan Kontny.

New Drafts version by Nathan Kontny.

Here’s the summery.

Markdown Todos

Github style Todos. Like this:

- [ ] Write the documentation

- [ ] Get tickets

And when you’re viewing a document it will look like this:


WebHooks integrate themselves into the Publish button of your documents. When you publish to your WebHook, Draft will send the WebHook url a JSON payload of your document, so you can add Draft publishing to whatever you want.

Here’s more documentation on setting up a WebHook


Nathan just released a REST API to help other developers craft solutions.

Documentation on the Draft REST API

Put Your Mac to Sleep with iOS Drafts — MacSparky

Put Your Mac to Sleep with iOS Drafts — MacSparky

Macsparky on how to automate remotely letting your mac going to sleep with drafts, hazel and applescript.

Write for iPhone

Write for iPhone

I’m using Write for IPhone now. It is free for a couple of days. It is a Markdown editor and it works very well. The toolbar above the keyboard is very well implemented. It also connects to your Dropbox account the first time you use the app.

Write is available in the AppStore.