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1Password 4.1

1Password 4.1

A MacStories review of 1Password 4.1 with some very nice tips and tricks.

The Fastest Way to Capture Stuff in Evernote (I Swear)…

The Fastest Way to Capture Stuff in Evernote (I Swear)…

Brett Kelly – Evernote guru – on Drafts 3.0 and Evernote.

OmniFocus Task Actions [Updated to 2.3]

OmniFocus Task Actions [Updated to 2.3]

Alfred and omnifocus. love this combination.

Markdown Field Guide by Macsparky

Markdown Field Guide by Macsparky

David Sparks has – together with Eddy Smith – written a new Field Guide about Markdown. You can download it on the iBookstore or download a PDF file. But I think the best way to read it is via an iPad (iBookstore version).

This book demystifies Markdown, making it easy for anybody to learn. This book includes 130 pages and 27 screencasts totaling more than one and a half hours of video. There is also an additional hour of audio interviews. This book will take you from zero knowledge of Markdown to being a Markdown pro and change the way you write for the better.

Send your gmail to omnifocus with IFTTT

ou can send your email from gmail to your omnifocus gmail by using a IFTTT rule. You just need the Gmail channel. Of course you will also need a Gmail account.

Simple set it up to trigger this rule everytime you star an email in Gmail. Then tell IFTTT to send the email to your Omnifocus email address. 
Step 1: Create a new recipe by choosing the Trigger Channel Gmail
Step 2: Choose New starred email
Step 3: Push Create Trigger
Step 4: Choose that
Step 5: Choose the Action Channel Gmail

Step 6: Choose Send an email
Step 7: In the To address fill in your Omnifocus email address. You don’t need to change the Subject or Body.
Step 8: Choose Create Action
And your done!

Triqtraq for iOS

triqtraq for iOS, an electro jam sequencer app

Love my Groovemaker and Figure, but this looks nice too.

With a library of more than 350 samples, triqtraq lets you create musical patterns on the fly, either by simply improvising and seeing what works or being a bit more specific and using the step editor.

Doing the Right Thing or Making a Profit – Which Comes First?

Doing the Right Thing or Making a Profit – Which Comes First?

the most critical job of leaders: to establish clarity about purpose, values, and the business model. Purpose is about articulating what it is you are trying to build. Values define how you will pursue that purpose. The business model spells out how the organization will remain financially viable, delivering sufficient short-term returns to investors while establishing a platform for long-term success

About design and Apple

A video about design and Apple. It’ s an add, but it’s informative.

Apple Design on You Tube

Belkin’s Thunderbolt Express Dock to Finally Ship Next Week


Belkin’s long-awaited Thunderbolt Express Dock is now available for pre-order with the unit ready to ship next week. The dock adds FireWire 800, USB 3.0, Ethernet, and dedicated audio ports to any Thunderbolt-capable Mac.

Dropbox for Teams


At work, I have a shared Dropbox folder that members of my department use to transfer and store shared files. It works really well, and is especially with LAN sync enabled.