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Write for iPhone

Write for iPhone

I’m using Write for IPhone now. It is free for a couple of days. It is a Markdown editor and it works very well. The toolbar above the keyboard is very well implemented. It also connects to your Dropbox account the first time you use the app.

Write is available in the AppStore.

Ulysses strives and seeks to be a better text editor for Mac

Ulysses strives and seeks to be a better text editor for Mac

Nearly nine years after I first looked at Ulysses, I’m taking a second look. This time, it’s a keeper

Presenting data to decision-makers

Presenting data to decision-makers

If you can establish a common visual language for data, you can radically upgrade the use of the data to drive decision-making and action.

Sync Moom between macs

This is a great post on how to do this. 

How I get Unstuck

How I get Unstuck

You’re going to get stuck every once in a while — that’s inevitable. That’s not the problem. The problem is when you spend too much time being stuck; that’s when productivity can really grind to a halt.

The Next Generation of iPhone Productivity Apps is Here

The Next Generation of iPhone Productivity Apps is Here

Suddenly, there is a suite of email, calendar, to-do list and personal assistant apps designed based on the needs and usage habits of smartphone users, which make most of the apps that came before seem dated.

Relax! You’ll Be More Productive

Relax! You’ll Be More Productive

Is the energy people bring to the office more important than the hours they work?


myWPEdit Image

As with all Rain Design products, the look of the iSlider is top-notch. It feels sturdy and looks slick to boot. The best aspects of the design are twofold: it allows the iPad to remain steady when typing at any angle and its sleek design makes it the most portable standalone iPad stand to date.

A review on Productivityist.

Omnifocus 2 debut

The OmniFocus 2 Debut is now available to watch!


Watch the video. Omnifocus looks very nice. There will be two versions available. A pro version with AppleScript and perspectives and a standard version which has the forecast functionality.

Brett Terpstra’s review of Multi markdown composer 2

[Brett Terpstra’s review of Multi markdown composer 2]

All of the editing features are smarter than ever, including smart MultiMarkdown table editing, smarter character pairing and all manner of Markdown element creation. The editor can still be styled via external stylesheets, but the syntax has been expanded and is even more customizable.