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The High Cost of Suspicion

The High Cost of Suspicion

The moral of the story is that you lose less by trusting more. Managing a business is not about asserting control to minimize costs and risks, but about working collaboratively to achieve an agreed goal. To do that you have to be willing to listen to the people you work with, accept that there are decisions that they are more qualified than you to make, and then respect the decisions they make. 

The Economist: Untangling the social web


Leadership Networks

Need to look into this.

Bases on a paper by Bruce Hoppe and Claire Reinelt “SNA and the Evaluation of Leadership Networks,” which will be published by Leadership Quarterly (Elsevier) in 2010.

“Leadership development practitioners have become increasingly interested in networks as a way to strengthen relationships among leaders in fields, communities, and organizations. This paper offers a framework for conceptualizing different types of leadership networks and uses case examples to identify outcomes typically associated with each type of network. One challenge for the field of leadership development has been how to evaluate leadership networks. Social Network Analysis

(SNA) is a promising evaluation approach that uses mathematics and visualization to represent the structure of relationships between people, organizations, goals, interests, and other entities within a larger system. Core social network concepts are introduced and explained to illuminate the value of SNA as an evaluation and capacity-building tool.”