Send your gmail to omnifocus with IFTTT

by Peter Bijkerk

ou can send your email from gmail to your omnifocus gmail by using a IFTTT rule. You just need the Gmail channel. Of course you will also need a Gmail account.

Simple set it up to trigger this rule everytime you star an email in Gmail. Then tell IFTTT to send the email to your Omnifocus email address. 
Step 1: Create a new recipe by choosing the Trigger Channel Gmail
Step 2: Choose New starred email
Step 3: Push Create Trigger
Step 4: Choose that
Step 5: Choose the Action Channel Gmail

Step 6: Choose Send an email
Step 7: In the To address fill in your Omnifocus email address. You don’t need to change the Subject or Body.
Step 8: Choose Create Action
And your done!