The Ultimate OmniFocus Project Template Script

by Peter Bijkerk

The output of Chris Sauve is nothing short of amazing. Just days after his extremely useful script to retrieve ‘Waiting For’ tasks based on senders of selected messages he releases another gem.

This one will excite the template affictionatos amongst the OmniFocus users.

In short, the script looks for a template folder and offers to do all the heavy lifting of creating a new instance of the template.

What it does is:

  1. Look for a ‘Template’ folder in OmniFocus
  2. Offer the project templates in that folder for selection
  3. Create an active instance of the selected project template in any folder you select in your OmniFocus structure
  4. Ask you to fill any variables (such as ‘$Name’) you used in the original template project – whether you use them in project, task title or notes

It becomes hard to keep up with Chris and his valuable work.


via SimplicityBliss