Grab yourself a year of Bitrix24: the $2.4 million giveaway has begun!

by Peter Bijkerk

Back in September, I told you all about Bitrix24. In short, Bitrix24 is a cloud-based intranet service designed for small businesses and startups. It helps you enjoy the way you work and collaborate.

Well, the folks behind the service reached out to us to let us know how much they appreciated the article, but they also told us about something pretty awesome they’re doing: a massive giveaway. And we have our very own code to give our readers (that’s you!) priority when signing up for it. Want to win a year’s worth of their Professional tier plan? Read on!

Screen Shot 2012 10 31 at 23.29.55 Grab yourself a year of Bitrix24: the $2.4 million giveaway has begun!

Here’s the official press release from Bitrix24:

Bitrix24 has launched $2.4 million program in order to popularize social intranet use among startups and small businesses.

“Social intranet is probably the hottest trend in communications technology right now,” – said Dmitry Valyanov, President of Bitrix24. – “Microsoft has just paid $1.2 billion dollars for Yammer just to be part of the game, and other industry giants, like Citrix and SalesForce, have invested hundreds of millions as well. Unfortunately, social intranet and its benefits for small companies don’t even enter the conversation, it is still considered to be out of their reach. We are trying to change this.”

The $2.4 million will be will be given out as one thousand $2400 grants – the cost of one year of Bitrix24’s flagship Professional Intranet plan. Any startup can apply for a grant by filling out a short form on the Bitrix24 website.

“We decided to target small companies from the very beginning. This is why our intranet is 100% free to any company with 12 or fewer users. We’ve also packed it with tools that small businesses really need – CRM, project management, document sharing, employee time tracking, work reports, instant messaging, task tracking, search, workgroups, collaboration with clients and so on.”

Because Bitrix24 works out of the cloud and requires no installation, the service has been growing by leaps and bounds. Over 10,000 companies have registered and created their own social intranet since Bitrix24 was launched in May 2012. Dmitry hopes that with this recent initiative Bitrix24 will become the default social intranet option for the startup community.

“We are inviting incubators, venture funds, startup blogs, local meetups and angel communities to participate in our initiative. We’ll gladly provide such organizations with grants that you can distribute among the startups you know. We also anticipate a similar program for small businesses to be announced later this year.”

The URL to visit if you want to apply for one of these very cool plans is here. The code to use when signing up, under “referred by” is: Industry.

Make sure you have registered for a free Bitrix24 account before you apply for the free year: you’ll need to supply an account ID when filling in the form.

We thank Bitrix24 for reaching out to The Industry and thinking of our readers when deciding to make the bold move of giving away these grants.

To find out more about Bitrix24, read my quick review of the service from back in September.

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