Get ready for AnyPrint

by Peter Bijkerk

We have decided to rename the AirPrint Activator application to avoid using the Apple trademark ‘AirPrint™’.  With the 3.1.1 release, we will simply renamed the application AnyPrint™.

What will happen to “AirPrint Activator”? Do I need a new license?

Don’t worry, AnyPrint™ is the same application with a new name and a new icon. Your current license of “AirPrint Activator” will work just as well in AnyPrint™.

How do I update? Do I need to uninstall the previous “AirPrint Activator”?

You will simply download AnyPrintInstaller and click “Update”. It will take care of cleaning up all the previous files. You won’t even need to enter your license again.

When will it be available?

Within the next few days. We are completing the application testing and getting the site ready.

via Netputing