M4 – Four Architectures for WaveMaker Deployment

by Peter Bijkerk


WaveMaker 6.5.0 M4 is released! Get the milestone release from the community download page.

WaveMaker 6.5 provides more flexibility for the deployment architecture of your web and mobile applications. As the diagram shows, you can easily deploy:

  1. Traditional web application
  2. Mobile web application – tailored to a mobile device (smart phone, tablet)
  3. Mobile application that uses the same server as your web apps – a native iOS or Android application
  4. Mobile application that accesses your services directly – also a native iOS or Android app

Web applications
People have been using WaveMaker to build web applications for many years. The deployed applications use a traditional Java web stack, with a Spring server running in a Java container. The server delivers html, css, javascript, and json data to the web browser.

Mobile web app
The proliferation of mobile browsers has enabled WaveMaker applications to be deployed to more devices, using the same the application architecture as traditional web applicatons. WaveMaker 6.5 provides mobile templates, new widgets, and widget properties that simplify the development of mobile web applications, applications that are tailored to requirements of a mobile device. For more information on building mobile applications see Mobile Development.

Mobile apps that use traditional server
Often end-users prefer a mobile application that is installed on the phone or tablet (rather than a web application that is accessible via the device’s browser). Mobile apps are downloaded from stores (i.e. App Store or Google Play) and users access by selecting the app. WaveMaker 6.5 includes PhoneGap so you can deploy a WaveMaker application as a native application on various mobile OSs, including iOS and Android. For more information see Building a PhoneGap Application. The mobile application will access the WaveMaker server, processing the JSON results.

Mobile apps that directly access services
Since mobile applications are stored on the phone (rather than web pages, which are hosted in a server), mobile applications do not strictly require a host server. If your application only requires data from internet accessible services then the WaveMaker server is not required. WaveMaker 6.5 supports XHR services that directly call web services.

WaveMaker 6.5.0 M4 delivers all four deployment options so “M4″ isn’t just an abbreviation for “Milestone #4″ it also represents the 4 ways to deploy your mobile applications.

We have completed the new feature development for WaveMaker 6.5.0. Our next release will be the Release Candidate (RC) and we intend to move quickly to the final RELEASE. We are actively tracking Jira and the community forums very closely, with intentions to fix new bugs as quickly as possible to include in 6.5.0 RC.

As always, feedback is much appreciated.


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