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Macdrifter: Not So Brief Histories

And Macdrifter has posted two links about the history of the iPad. Two very good articles.

Not So Brief Histories: “

Dave Caolo is doing some impressive research and writing over at 52Tiger.net.

These are instant classics:

Brief History of the iPad: Prologue

Brief History of the iPad: Rumors

This is top quality stuff and could easily be an eBook I would buy.

(Via Macdrifter.)

Early Apple iPad prototypes

Early prototypes of the iPad in this article by NetworkWork. 9to5Mac pointed to this article and has an extra interview with Steve Jobs.

iOnApple: Earliest known photos of an Apple iPad prototype: “Earliest known photos of an Apple iPad prototype
Well before the iPhone, and going back all the way to the early 2000s, Apple had been working on tablet prototypes that would eventually form the groundwork for the original iPad
By Yoni Heisler on Wed, 07/18/12 – 9:32am.”

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Ref to 9to5 Mac article.

Apple’s plastic, thicker, buttonless iPad prototypes from 2002-4 from Jony Ive deposition [Gallery]: “