AddThis Launches New Way to Measure Social Sharing

by Peter Bijkerk

AddThis Launches New Way to Measure Social Sharing: “

AddThis has launched a new way for publishers to track the sharing that happens in its simplest form — copying and pasting a URL from the address bar and then sharing it out to a social network, email or IM.

For AddThis, which is owned by Clearspring, that could represent a huge new trove of data that the company can provide to web publishers. Clearspring CEO Hooman Radfar says that the company has “seen up to 10x greater sharing from the address bar versus the sharing buttons.” With a network that now reaches more than 1.2 billion unique users per month across 9 million sites, that’s a ton of sharing that had previously been going uncounted.

To help make sense of that data, the company is also releasing new analytics called AddThis Live View, which shows sharing and click data in real-time. The idea, according to a statement from the company, is that “publishers can use this information to modify site layouts, editorial and content marketing tactics in response to continuous feedback about viewers’ activities.” USA Today is one of the larger publishers currently using the Live View platform.

For Clearspring, the launch follows recent news of a $20 million funding round, money the company plans to use to continue to build out tools for publishers. Radfar told me recently that, “Now that we have this massive view of what’s going on the Web, we’re looking at … how we take the power of that entire network and bring it to the individual publisher. Only a handful of companies on the web that have the reach that we do.”

Asked specifically about the company’s financials (Clearspring has now raised a total of $60 million), Radfar said, “We don’t need the money at this point … we’re using it truly and honestly for growth.” He added that an IPO at some point in the foreseeable future is, “Not out of the realm of possibilities.”

For more on how the company’s new address bar share counting and Live View works, check out the video below:

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