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Month: February, 2010

Hidden Influencers & Social Networks: Interview with Valdis Krebs

Interview with Valdis Krebs about  influence, Social capital and social networks. By Angela Dunn

Another look at pharma’s Twitter presence

A beautiful analysis of twitter keywords by dynamia.ch
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The Slow Death of a Social Network

Interesting article by Om Malik.

A few weeks ago, when News Corp’s digital chief, Jon Miller, fired MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta and replaced him with Co-presidents Mike Jones and Jason Hirschhorn, I decided it was time to write the social networking site’s epitaph. The recent exodus of executives and technical talent has only bolstered my belief that MySpace is nothing more than a carcass of its former self. In fact, it’s been rotting away for the past few years, as these charts illustrate. …