Mashable: Social Networking: Risks vs. Rewards

by Peter Bijkerk

This is an interesting article about the dangers of social networking. Especially among the youth. Their seem to be some reports about some correlation between this technology and suicides of adolescents. But the conclusion is that the benefits outway the dangers.

I’m wondering if there is some real scientific research on the downsides of social networking. And how about the influences on organizations? What are the benefits and the threads on organizations?
Here’s a quote from the blog:

“Some advise to concerned parents: If the use of social networks online by your children worries you, don’t do the instinctual. Don’t restrict them from those sites. Instead, teach them (as well as yourselves) as much as possible about any and all networks. Knowledge is a fantastic repellant of ignorance and disastrous behavior.”

So what do we teach the workers in the working place? And how should we teach them? As long there’s no insight in the real benefits of social networking in the working place this is going to be a difficult task.