Connectedness: Use Visone to make your first network map

by Peter Bijkerk

Connectedness: Use Visone to make your first network map

In my work I am a frequent user of Visone. We use it in workshops to to make social networks instantly visible to the participants. Visone is a social networking tool that has a bit of different angle. You can use to visually draw a network and then use the data to do all kinds of analysis. With most other tools you first have to fill a matrix after which you’ll be able to visualize it. On the analysis part it is not as powerfull as UCINET – not even close. But it does the basic analysis as e.g. degree (incl. in- en outdegree), closeness, betweenness, etc.

Until recently we used the 1.1 version. It isn’t the most stable application, but more usefull than the newer java versions. But now there is a newer version. It does have the same options as version 1.1, e.q. showing the betweenness scores of the actors in a list (csv file format).

But the best thing is, it’s free.

Visone is described by Bruce Hoppe in his intresting Blog.