OpenSocial by Google

by Peter Bijkerk

Google has something new. It’s called OpenSocial and is regarded as an attack against Facebook. See my post earlier. OpenSocial is like Facebook open to developpers. See the NYT article for more information.

Google and Friends to Gang Up on Facebook
Published: October 31, 2007
An alliance of companies led by Google plans to roll out a common set of standards to allow developers to write programs for Google’s Orkut and other social networking Web sites.

Most interesting is the involvement of and Oracle as partner in the Alliance. Is OpenSocial going to be part of the company’s CRM software? The companies allready have there own api’s. But with OpenSocial they are opening up themselfs, so to speak. Think of the endless posibities by openening up your CRM application to “other” social networks. Now you will be able to stay in touch with your clients all the time. And think of this. How about opening up the client of your clients?