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Month: July, 2006

Forrester on social computing

Forrester has an nice page on a research theme called “Social computing: how networks errode institutional power – and what to do about it”. See this link.

Microsoft’s Social Computing Group

I saw an intresting site today, the Microsoft Social Computing Group. But it seems not very active any more. Lijke to dig in deeper one day, but now I haven’t got the time.

Saw a blog bey the way. It is used (or was used) by the SCG, it is calles Raindrop and is part of microsoft research.

A picture by Tijmen

Next is a picture by my son Tijmen. I think it’s very beautiful. Posted by Picasa

Social network in Wikipedia

Wikipidia has an entry about social network. It’s brief, but it gives an overview on the theory of social networks.