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Month: June, 2006

IBM’s Social computing group

IBM does some very interesting research. One of the areas of research is Social Computing. Research and publication is done by IBM’s Social Computing Group.

On the site of the Social Computing Group you can read the following.

“The premise of the Social Computing Group is that it is possible to design digital systems that provide a social context for our activities. Our approach does not try to imitate the real world (e.g., virtual reality or video); these approaches seem heavy-weight, and we note that new technologies often try (and ultimately fail) to imitate older technologies (thus movies initially imitated plays, and autos imitated buggies). Instead, we use “social proxies,” minimalist graphical representations of the online presence and activities of people. Properly designed and implemented, we believe such representations can provide online contexts within which the social processes that underlie so much human behavior — such as imitation, norming, and peer pressure — can operate.”

They have some interesting publications. Recommended.

Wrist worn PC

Ok the first wrist worn PC is here. It is a Linux of Windows CE device targeted at emergency services and the militairy.

I think is kind of klunky and it looks to me something from the eighties. It weighs 300 grams and costs $ 2500,-.

See the blog of Roland Piquepaille for a comment.

SuperNova 2006

About the world of social networking the internet way. See this link. Supernova is a gathering about everything on Web 2.0. Not only social networking is covered, but also e-commerce, blogging, online business applications and the wireless world.

Check new.com for a review and some podcasts.

Social network analysis software

There is a lot of social network analysis software out there. See this link at INSNA for a comprehensive list.

The software I use is called Visone. It works a little bit different from the other applications. Most SNA applications start with a matrix, but Visone starts with the drawing of nodes en relations between nodes. It’s projectleaders are Ulrik Brandes and Dorothea Wagner and I think they did a fabulous job.

Other software I use when I need to do some more analysis is Ucinet from Analytic Technologies.


If you are interested in Podcasting. I found this review by Rafe Needleman. It is about PodOmatic. Zie his review at this site.

Social networks and more

So, another blog. One of millions. Well, I want my blog to be primairly about social network analyses. What is social network analyses? I’ll cover that soon. If you cannot wait, tray the site of Rob Cross. He is an assistent professor at the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia. He is also a former employer of IBM. Check his site at http://robcross.org/.

The more in the title refers to my other interest. I will post any kind of interesting thing I come across at the internet. Then you will see my interests.

Check out http://www.pandora.com/.
A very cool site.